Effectively Secure Your DevOps Environment

New development methodologies have the potential to introduce security vulnerabilities into your critical software before it is even deployed.

Mitigate sophisticated attacks in the DevOps by monitoring:

  • DevOps environments
  • Underlying cloud infrastructure
  • Production container environments

…and take a proactive approach to cybersecurity using next-gen managed detection and response (MDR).

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Securing DevOps: Monitoring & Responding to Threats in a DevOps Environment

Without adequate DevOps protection, malware could potentially penetrate millions of devices before being detected – if it is detected at all.

Next-Gen Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Leverage AI and machine learning for threat detection and response as a service to ensure complete cybersecurity.

Connect all your existing security products

Deploy MDR agent on servers for deeper detection

Add on security solution On demand (SIEM, EDR, UBA, NTA, Vulnerability, Cloud Security)

Broad Detection

AI.saac Platform

Rules & Signatures

24X7 SOC Monitoring for known threats

Threat Intel correlation

24X7 Threat Anticipation for known attackers

Machine learning models

24X7 Threat Hunting for unknown threats / attackers

Full Response

Threat Containment

Immediately stop threats & contain the spread.

Incident Analysis

Deep analysis before sending you tickets.

Unlimited Support

Collaborate actions across your team & ours.

Paladion's AI-Driven MDR has drastically enhanced our threat visibility. Our customers data is important to us as an organization, and they feel more secure knowing that we are proactive when it comes to incident and threat analysis. It has been a crucial partnership for Stratus Video.

Chris Downing, Vice President - Engineering at Stratus Video

About Paladion

Paladion is a next-generation cybersecurity provider to technology, manufacturing, and cloud-first companies across the United States. We are consistently recognized and rated by independent technology advisory firms for our Managed Detection and Response Services, Cloud security, and Vulnerability Management & Response services, all of which are anchored by our patented Artificial Intelligence platform – AI.saac.

Paladion provides threat detection and response for over 200 companies, including some of the world’s largest enterprises.