Executive Summary

Office 365 makes your business run. It groups all of your users, processes, and data under a single well-integrated, cost-effective, Cloud-based platform.

It also dramatically increases your risk profile. Office 365 collects your organization’s most valuable targets into a single digital target. At the same time, it opens up countless new vulnerability points— all of which lead to your newly-consolidated data.

Even though Microsoft invests heavily in Office 365’s defense, there are security gaps the software giant cannot close. The program’s massive scale prevents Microsoft from providing high-speed, high-touch defense to every user. The company does little to guide users through compliance challenges. And the platform’s sprawl across countless devices makes it challenging to manage.

The result: to protect their data, organizations who deploy Office 365 must look beyond Microsoft’s baked-in security measures.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The core security, compliance, and control challenges within Office 365.
  • The solution to Office 365’s security, compliance, and control challenges
  • How a third-party security provider can close Office 365’s security gaps
  • How to select the right third party security provider to protect your Office 365 deployment

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