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Avoid penalties - achieve compliance with all major global
data privacy regulations with one simple framework

Can You Afford to Suffer a Data Breach?

  • Data privacy threats are on the rise- and if you suffer a data breach, you will face unprecedented fines.
  • In nearly every country, personal data privacy regulations continue to grow year-over-year. Every global organization now faces a legal mandate to demonstrate compliance with these regulations.
  • To meet this mandate, you must establish a comprehensive data privacy framework.

What Your Data Privacy Framework Must Include

Creating a data privacy framework can be complex, confusing, and challenging.

Any framework you create must raise your baseline cybersecurity posture. It must protect the personal data you collect from customers and employees. And it must do so while achieving compliance with the wide range of global regulatory frameworks already in play, including but not limited to GDPR, CCPA, PDPL, Singapore Data Privacy Act, and the Personal Data Protection Bill.

From our experience, any data privacy framework that achieves these objectives must include the following components.


Alignment to Broader Business Strategy & Goals

 Supervising Data Subject Rights


Cognate IT, Security, and Privacy Governance

Maintenance of Data Integrity


Systematized Data Repositories

Integration of Privacy and Security


Data Processing Standards

Robust Breach Resilience

The Simple Solution to Adopting a Data Privacy Framework


To address this challenge, we have developed a complete & compliant data privacy framework that can be rapidly leveraged by any organization.

Paladion’s Data Privacy Compliance Service provides an exhaustive, but intuitive, evaluation of how well your organization meets the data privacy requirements of all personal data privacy & protection regulations that are currently being enforced.


Data Privacy Compliance Service provides a few key features.



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Complete Compliance with All Data Privacy Regulations

You will no longer need to worry about achieving and demonstrating compliance with multiple regulations. If you adopt our framework, you will automatically address both the general requirements mandated by all current regulation, and the specific requirements outlined within each regulation. In essence, you will roll up multiple complex regulatory requirements into a single actionable framework.

You will not need to adopt a completely new approach to security and regulatory compliance. Our framework integrates with existing standards, and will act as an extension of your existing security and regulatory frameworks. If you adopt our framework, you will follow a streamlined process, and be able to rapidly showcase compliance at any moment, with any applicable regulatory body.


Easy Integration with Your Existing Frameworks


Automatic Alignment with Data Privacy Best Practices

You will increase the effectiveness of your current data privacy and security activities. We modelled our framework to follow the basic principles, best practices, and globally recognized standards to address core data privacy and protection challenges and regulations, including the NIST Privacy Framework, APEC Privacy Framework, GDPR, CCPA, PDPL, and the MeitY Data Governance and Data Protection Framework.

You will be able to demonstrate security and compliance with every one of your stakeholders. If you adopt our framework, you will be able to provide an “at a glance” view of your current standing to senior management, provide transparent accounting of your data privacy to existing customers and potential business partners, and apply robust governance standards to ensure & report ongoing compliance.


Increased Trust, Alignment, and Transparency

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Implementation-Support (1)

Data Privacy Compliance Service: How It Works

Our data privacy framework follows a continual process to establish, monitor, and constantly improve your organization’s security & privacy posture. 

Our process follows NIST Cyber Security and NIST Data Protection Framework standards.


Data Privacy Compliance Service: What You Get

If you adopt our framework, you will receive a core set of deliverables that include:


Data Privacy Framework

 Privacy Impact Assessment Reports


Process and Flow Diagrams

Data Privacy Gap Assessment Reports


Data Registers

Compliance Assessment Reports


Risk Assignment Reports

Quarterly Health Check Reviews & Sustenance Plans


Data Privacy Compliance Service: Optional Value-Add Services

Our framework is robust enough to deliver improved security and compliance with all major global regulations out-of-the-box. However, if you require additional cybersecurity services, we find the PFF pairs best with:

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