Data leakages can sink your business

Key approaches to ensure your DLP is effective

For any industry, data is dynamic. Your DLP is only as good as its policies. Are you sure your policies are progressing in sync with the data that is secured. How do you ensure that your processes are conducive to this change? Is the alert analysis done in a manner which helps plug the holes for data leakage?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Project lift-off – Initial approaches
  2. Policy Management – Ensuring your policies are up to date
  3. The trick behind reducing false positives – Bringing down the alert count
  4. Intelligent alert analysis – Helping bring about changes in policies

Join this webinar to understand the key approaches which helps in creating an ever evolving DLP systemwhich ensures that your data remains protected.


Sagar Babu

Who should attend?

Chief Information Security Officers, Technology Risk and Compliance Professionals, and IT Security Managers who are interested in deriving more value from their existing technology by leveraging risk analytics.