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Secure E-wallets



How secure are digital wallets?
Online security is something that doesn’t just worry Snowden, it affects all of us, especially, when it concerns our money. In fact, after demonetisation in India, cash hasn’t been easily available, forcing everyone to use cashless options like digital wallets. Suddenly, digital wallets like Paytm, Mobiwik, Freecharge have become mainstream and we’re using them to buy everything from vegetables to an airline ticket. We had been using the alternate payment methods like credit and debit cards, Internet banking and ATMs etc for years. We always had the choice of using these new methods or cash. We had time to learn these at our own pace. Now suddenly with cash disappearing overnight and mobile-wallets being the only viable option – isnt the shift too abrupt?
Our Podcast describes this key shift, how this impact could lead to security concerns and what are the key pointers to keep in mind while using digital wallets.