Executive Summary

You’re undergoing digital transformation. On the one hand, this gives you incredible new capabilities. On the other hand, it also opens you up to a host of new cyber-attacks.

To make matters worse, cyber criminals are increasingly ignoring enterprise-class financial institutions, and are instead targeting mid-sized financial institutions like yours. Both you and the big players are undergoing the same digital transformation, and thus opening up the same new vulnerabilities. While enterprises can afford to invest heavily to upgrade their internal defenses, mid-sized firms like yours lack the budget required to adequately defend yourself through conventional measures, and cyber criminals will always go after the easier target.

The good news: lack of budget doesn’t have to make you a target.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How financial enterprises are defending themselves.
  • How to defend yourself like an enterprise, within your budget.
  • The optimal security protocol for your cyber defense.
  • How to pick the right cost-effective cybersecurity partner.

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