Cyber security drills test drive your
incident detection & response plan


Enterprises have deployed multiple technologies and processes for detecting and responding to threats. Still when it comes to responding to real security incidents, many organisations fail to make the grade. Incident response strategies can fail if they are not well tested. Cybersecurity drills provide a way to test all elements of an effective incident detection and response strategy.

A rough flow of the presentation:

  1. I have heard of Fire Drill, what’s a Cyber Drill?
  2. My team tells me we have Firewalls, IDS, IPS (and a few hand-grenades!).. do I still need to do this drill?
  3. Ok, I get it that the drill is important but I have no clue where to start!
  4. Multiple approaches to conducting a Cyber Drill
  5. Planning a Cyber Drill
  6. Drill completed, hoorah!.. So I am done, right?
  7. Brief case study of a Cyber Drill


Getting a realistic picture of the organization’s cyber defense & incident response posture and improving the same.