Amit Roy,

Combating New Age Threats with AI

Artificial Intelligence is just an emerging technology in the region. How is your MDR service powered by AI reliable to customers? Or how do you see cyber adversaries using AI in cyber-attacks?

While AI may only be an emerging technology in the Middle East, it is a more mature technology in other parts of the world. Cybercriminals from those regions can deploy their AI-driven attacks anywhere— including in the Middle East. And it is inevitable that these cyber adversaries will successfully deploy AI in their cyberattacks.

AI will make every cybercriminal smarter, faster, and more adaptive. You ask me why our AI driven MDR service is reliable. This is in fact the question we advise security buyers to ask, because there are a lot of empty claims by other vendors of use of AI in cyber security. It is important for consumers to ask for a demonstration of how a vendor is using AI. Paladion provides custom, personalized demos that show effective use cases of our proprietary AI platform in combating today’s threats. We have also deployed our AI driven MDR service in several leading enter-prises in the Middle East, US and several other regions across the world.

Share with us a glimpse of the MDR cycle right from detecting a threat to mitigating it.

Our MDR cycle begins before we even detect a threat. We begin with Threat Anticipation, where we process daily global threat data and detail specific actions our customers should take to defend against incoming relevant threats. We also perform continuous Threat Hunting, applying data science and machine learning models to our customer’s networks, to detect anomalies and uncover unknown and hidden threats. In addition, we provide advanced Security Monitoring to detect known attacks in real-time.

From this data, we offer incident analysis services. We triage our customer’s alerts, focus on the most relevant threats and then investigate them to determine if an incident needs attention. Provided there’s a problem, we immediately begin Incident Response. We orchestrate a full response in minutes to contain, remediate and recover from the threat.

Finally, for those enterprises that come to us only after there is a breach or have a breach response retainer with us, we provide Breach Management, which provide forensics, assessment of impact on compliance, best practices for breach notifications, and full recovery from a breach.

How CIO friendly is your MDR service and how can it benefit the enterprises?

Paladion is the first MSSP to offer mature AI Driven MDR Services in this region. Our MDR services assists CIO’s to take decisive actions to strengthen their Cyber Security and benefits enterprises by:

  • Detecting unknown threats and low foot print attack campaigns
  • Reducing the time to respond to threats by quickly analyzing incidents and acting
  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities which needs to be remediated using contextual data
  • Providing expert assistance to organizations that have experienced a breach

What strategies do you have in place for 2018?

We are in the final stages of setting up our 1st Regional Managed Detection and Response Command Center (SOC) in Dubai, which would be operational from the 1st Quarter of 2018. The regional Command Center would become an active part of our Global network of SOC’s providing 24/7 AI Driven MDR Services that combine global threat intelligence with a regional outlook. We plan to extend our reach to newer geographies in MEA through a direct as well as a partner network, while at the same time strengthening our growth in the present markets. We also plan to replicate our success in Banking and finance and Government to verticals such as Health care, Retail and the Education Sector in 2018.

This article was originally published by Enterprise Channels MEA. It can be viewed on here.