Executive Summary

Many organizations still try to secure their new Cloud infrastructure with legacy protection methods. Unfortunately, this approach does not work. Cloud infrastructure and traditional on-prem infrastructure operate differently— and they must be secured differently.

If you are still using on-prem security for your Cloud deployments, you are:

  • Leaving countless vulnerability points undefended
  • Opening yourself to next-generation attacks
  • Compromising your most valuable assets, processes, and users

To avoid these outcomes, you must follow a new approach to Cloud security.

Are you ready to properly secure your Cloud infrastructure?

After securing thousands of next-generation networks, we have developed a simple, effective approach to Cloud security— and we want to share it with you today.

We have laid out our approach to Cloud security in our new whitepaper.

In this free whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The unique methods cybercriminals deploy to attack the Cloud
  • Critical insights from recent high-profile Cloud breaches
  • Three methods for Cloud security that actually work
  • The role of Cloud use cases in determining your security needs
  • Why you must still pay attention to global attacks you haven’t suffered yet
  • How to build a bespoke Cloud security framework for your organization

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