Webinar Alert: Value of Database Penetration Testing

By Paladion

November 6, 2008

An interesting listen. One of Plynt's industry peers and soon to be partner Ntirety hosted a live webinar on the "Value of Database Penetration & Vulnerability Testing" and invited Paresh Amin our US VP of Enterprise Business and Strategy to speak on this topic. As a security practitioner and a certified CISSP he was excited at the opportunity to share his experience with Ntirety's clients and prospects. As Paresh states, "There are many options open to an organization when looking for approaches to securing your databases and it can get confusing very quickly".

In today's highly sensitive information security world everyone (including the DBAs) have responsibilities in protecting their corporate and customer data from both internal and external threats.

If you are interested in learning about Database Security, please check out the webinar.

Here is the description of the webinar:

Title: The Value of Database Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

In this webinar, Paresh Amin discusses:

  • Why backend database testing is just as vital as front end testing
  • How to avoid backend database malfunctions that cause system deadlock, data corruption, poor performance, and data loss
  • An overview of backend database testing (functional vs. structural)
  • An overview of high profile database attacks in the past few years

By viewing this recorded webinar you walk away with an understanding of the overall benefits of a database vulnerability assessment and penetration test. You also learn some essential ideas to structure your own approach to database security testing.

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