Top 10 Cyber Security Blogs of 2016

By Paladion

January 9, 2017

In 2016, our experts covered a range of topics from IOT security to Big Data to Brute
force Attack prevention to security analytics to name a few. Here’s looking back at
the top 10 blogs based on overall readership.

Companies today are spending more than ever to protect their digital assets. Worldwide spending on cyber
security has reached over 80 billion and is likely to double in the next 4 years...Read more

2. Is SIEM Enough for Your SOC?

A few years back whenever someone said they were building a Security Operations Centre (SOC), it meant deploying a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management tool) and putting together a team for 24×7 operations...Read more

3. What Can a Security Analytics Platform Deliver for You

As every security product races to build analytics within itself, is there a need for a separate security analytics platform? To answer that, I will do a quick overview of analytics as it stands today in the industry...Read more

4. Design Thinking In Cyber Security

Design thinking is applied now in every field of business but does it have relevance for a CISO? There are lots of buzz words around design thinking and I tried to get clarity for myself on how it applies to information security...Read more

5. Why it’s Time to be Complacent about IT Security Vulnerabilities

There is a growing realization in the industry today that it is better not to remediate all IT security vulnerabilities. Sounds contrarian but makes a lot of sense when we look at the math behind vulnerabilities...Read more

6. PCI Compliance and SIEM Use Cases

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a compilation of specifications and requisites that are designed to ascertain that each and every company engages in processing, storing and transmitting credit card information...Read more

7. Preventing Bruteforce Attacks

Bruteforce Attacks use repeated attempts to guess a user’s password by trying numerous combinations of passwords, in order to break into and gain control of a user’s details...Read more

Internet of Things (IoT) devices, if hacked into can provide attack capabilities that can have a massive impact. The same has been demonstrated in a recent attack that compromised Cameras and DVRs, belonging to a specific manufacturer...Read more

9. A Brief Insight to NESA Compliance

In June 2014, the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) announced a number of key strategies, policies and
standards to direct and align national cyber-security efforts all across the United Arab Emirates (UAE)...Read more

10. SSL Stripping Revisiting HTTP Downgrading Attacks

Let’s take a scenario in which there is a victim machine (A), an attacker machine (B) and a server(C). SSL Strip is running on the attacker machine, which is a proxy server; hence, there is no direct connection between the victim and server...Read more

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