Threat Modeling

By Paladion

August 15, 2004

We take a look at "Threat Modeling" by Frank Swiderski, Window Snyder on the structured approach of analysing security threats.

Threat ModelingThreat Modeling, the structured approach of envisioning
threats, analyzing them and planning their mitigation, is a technique that's being popularized by Microsoft today. This highly readable book is the result of the authors' experience working with product teams at Microsoft. In the past, most papers on Threat Modeling have tended to focus on the theory. This book is a welcome contrast as it takes a practical step-by-step approach and shows how to build threat models in the real world. Three case studies of different levels of complexity are built one block at a time as the book progresses. To help the reader visualize the technique, the book also uses an analogy of a physical office building whose threats get modeled along the way. A handy companion to the book is a Threat Modeling Tool available on the MSDN website. This book is essential reading for product managers, software designers and testing managers who have to increasingly address security threats.

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