The Making of Palisade

By Paladion

September 17, 2005

I love watching Palisade unfold. There's more emotion poured into it than meets the eye.

Work on a new issue begins 6 weeks ahead - even before the previous issue is online. The editorial team huddles up for planning the future: topics are brainstormed, feedback is analyzed, and contributors are invited. Their focus is on sharing new learnings from the field.

The editors bounce content ideas with likely authors and win their commitment. Palisade authors come from Paladion's technical team. It's their work that is shared in these pages.

Once authors are decided, the work spreads out. Storylines are researched, outlines are prepared, first drafts get reviewed...the momentum builds up with authors frequently working late into the night.

"Release week" is the hectic week running into the 15th of each month when the new issue goes online. This is the time for final edits, graphics design, and content layout. "Is this publishable?", "Is this too long?", "Is this image ok?" the questions fly fast as the editors apply the finishing touches.

Even the best-laid plans have to contend with last-minute surprises. Like when a feature article had to be cancelled just two days before the August release. The team bounced back. Hours before going online, the technical editor wrote a new article, got it reviewed and polished the language, while the creative laid out a new design ready for publication - all in a Sunday afternoon.

A shiver of excitment runs through as the new issue goes live. The design, the topics, the ideas all come under our subscribers' lens. The feedback has been very encouraging. Occasionally errors sneak in, as when a VC++ Program Manager at Microsoft pointed out a typo in a recent article, and the editors rushed to fix it.

Who exactly are these folks behind Palisade? A long list of authors contribute generously to Palisade. And the 3-member editorial team provides the backbone: Nilesh Chaudhari is the creative whiz behind the design; Sangita Pakala is the technical editor; and Jose Varghese serves as the bandmaster. We love you guys!

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