Switch proxy editors in 2-clicks

By Paladion

March 13, 2007

Do your internal security testers lose time when they have to change their browser's proxy settings frequently? Tell them about SwitchProxy, a nifty add-on for Firefox. We use it daily to switch quickly between web proxy editors.
[Web proxy editors are used in penetration testing to intercept traffic, inspect it and modify requests. We configure the browser's proxy settings to point to the proxy editor. Then, all requests from the browser go via the proxy editor. That's when we inspect it and tweak some values. Paros and Burp are two popular proxy editors.]
Every time we want to route the traffic via a proxy editor, we have to configure the browser's proxy settings. Then re-configure it back when we want to bypass the proxy. In the middle of a test, this can be valuable time lost.
Enter SwitchProxy, a Firefox add-on that lets you switch between proxies in 2-clicks. You can setup SwitchProxy for the various proxies you use. When you want to switch, click on the SwitchProxy label in the status bar, and chose your proxy. Selecting "None" lets you bypass all the proxies.
To configure proxies the first time, select the "Manage proxies" item from the menu. Here're the screen shots.



There's a similar add on for Internet Explorer - Proxy Switcher.

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