The Make-or-Break Question that SaaS Customers Hesitate to Ask

Rajat Mohanty
By Rajat Mohanty

August 11, 2016

Customers often see security in SaaS solutions as a leap in the dark. They need reassurance. Without that reassurance, the customer’s IT department may fight the adoption of a SaaS solution. A SaaS security mishap could also ruin the reputation of your company as a SaaS solution provider. But here’s the good news – Having a good cybersecurity story to tell for your SaaS offering could help win deals and retain customers.

What if they can’t see how good your cyber security is?

The first step therefore is to clarify what’s at stake in SaaS cybersecurity, and what your SaaS business can do to reinforce the security posture. Naturally, the emphasis is on practical points and actionable info. One of the common gripes of customers is that SaaS solution providers don’t explain how they are tackling cybersecurity. Rest assured, customers are not expecting confidential detail about your system configurations or your firewall rules. But they do expect a top-level view of your cybersecurity goals and suitable indication of the resources you can call on to meet those goals.

Whitepaper : Differentiate and Protect Your SaaS Business with Cybersecurity

The why and the how of good cyber protection

We’ve written a white paper (it’s free!) that addresses these points. It lays out a SaaS vendor roadmap to effective cybersecurity, with key points about establishing and improving your security posture as a SaaS vendor. We discuss how security can be designed in from the start, properly tested at different points of software release cycles, and used as a sales differentiator. However, just laying out a list of “do this, don’t do that” wouldn’t be enough. As business-minded people, we know that you also want to know why this list applies. In other words, you also want the bottom-line justification.

For customers, perception is reality

For these reasons, we also explain what’s behind these good practices. A big driver is customer perception. If you show them a confused picture of your cybersecurity approach, they will consider your cybersecurity itself to be confused. Confusion creates holes. Holes lead to attacks. And pretty soon, your customers are convincing themselves that cybersecurity is a big risk, simply because you haven’t given them a few simple messages to keep them reassured. The same customer logic applies if you give them no picture at all. That’s right – they assume you don’t have any cybersecurity, period.

Strong move for sales

On the other hand, you can get ahead of the game and tell your customers and prospects what they need to know, even before they ask. From a sales perspective, this is a strong move. Your customers increasingly see you as forward-thinking and well-organized; a service provider they can trust. In the new world of online business, where you can’t touch what you buy, trust is more important than ever. In addition, you’ll score points over competitors that spend so much time flaunting other merits of their solution that they omit to address that vital issue of protecting customer’s information.

Find out more today

The white paper is designed to help you do better and secure your SaaS solution. For instance, you’ll find information on industry drivers, technology opportunities, and competitive factors, and a way to provide validation of your cybersecurity posture that is easy for a client to see and accept. You can download the whitepaper “Differentiate and Protect Your SaaS Business with Cyber Security” here, completely free of charge.

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Rajat Mohanty

Rajat Mohanty is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Paladion Networks. He has been Paladion’s Chairman & CEO since the inception of the Company in July 2000