Plynt - Security Certification for Applications

By Paladion

February 23, 2006

After a 3-month break, we are back.

During this time, we were working on the launch of Plynt - the security certification for applications. We launched Plynt yesterday. It's exhilrating after all those long hours of planning and hard work.

When you have 10 minutes, please check out the Plynt Certification Criteria. That's the basis for the Plynt certificate. It defines 25 criteria we use to evaluate an application before awarding it the Plynt certificate. This is version 1 of the criteria, arrived at after intense debate within the team. But no standard is a static document. We'd love to have your feedback and improve this further.

Last week, we were at the RSA Conference championing Secure Coding Guidelines for .Net. Expect to see many of the ideas discussed there in the pages of Palisade.

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