OWASP Appsec Conference in Delhi

By Paladion

August 23, 2008

I just got back from the OWASP Conference in Delhi. This is the first large OWASP event in India - 300+ participants from all over India, and lots of lively discussions.

We presented on how enterprises are now testing 100 - 200 applications in 6 months. We shared the challenges they faced, the innovations they made and the learnings for others who are setting out on the same journey. There were a lot of interesting questions at the end, especially on how to categorize the applications for different levels of testing.

My favourite talk was Shreeraj Shah's on next generation Web 2.0 attacks - he had lots of interesting demos. I couldn't attend his longer session the next day, but I heard that everyone had a great time.

Thank you Dhruv, Puneet for organizing a great event. This could be the beginning of more good OWASP events in India.

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