Microsoft Security Developer Center

By Paladion

March 15, 2005

We take a look at a Microsoft website dedicated to Application Security for Windows developers -- Microsoft Security Developer Center

MSDN Security

MSDN's security website Microsoft Security Developer Center is the 'security goto' site for Windows developers. It has a useful collection of guides and checklists for developers and program managers. Check out the section on web services security to get a feel of the contents served. All of Microsoft's security webcasts are archived on the site - these tutorials cover a wide range of topics from Writing Secure Codeto Security for Mobile Devices. The site also shares some of the new security practices followed at Microsoft. In The Trustworthy Computing Security Development Lifecycle, for instance, the authors describe the lifecycle processes adopted internally for developing safer software. The blogs of Brian Johnson and Michael Howard, popular writers on security at Microsoft, give a window into the current thinking on security issues at Microsoft.

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