Life time of phishing sites

By balaji

November 26, 2006

What is the average lifetime of a phishing site today?

  1. < 1 hour
  2. < 1 day
  3. About 5 days
  4. About 3 months

The correct answer is (3)About 5 days

According to the latest report on Phishing (August 2006) by the Anti Phishing Working Group, the average lifetime of a phishing site is now 4.5 days. This is slightly lower than 4.8 days - the corresponding statistic for June 2006. An average life time of five days is still long enough for a phisher to cause damage.

In our article on Anti–Phishing: Incident Response , we pointed out that one of the first responses organizations should take when they are under attack is to take down the phishing site. There are several services available that help you take down a phishing site: CastleCops PIRT , Fraudwatch International , Internet Identity , RSA Cyota , Verisign Phishing Response .

The time it takes to bring down a phishing site depends primarily on the country where the phishing site is hosted. Take down service providers have relationships with Internet Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers and Law Enforcement agencies in several countries.

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