Know Your Enemy, 2nd Ed.

By Paladion

October 16, 2004

We take a look at the "Know Your Enemy" book by the HoneyNet project on
the motives and techniques of black hats

Know Your EnemyThe Honeynet Project studies the motives and techniques of black hats by watching them in a fish bowl. Blackhats who get ensnared in one of the Project’s honeynets are oblivious that their every step is being monitoredand analyzed. The latest edition of “Know Your Enemy” presents the latest findings from the field -- the newest techniques and the current trends. The chapter on black hat profiling includes a sociologist’s analysis of the motives, skills, and background of attackers. Paladion contributed the chapter on Network Forensics -- it shows how to detect and analyze an attack from the network logs.

Tags: Review