Anti-phishing Measure

By Paladion

March 30, 2007

Anti-phishing Measure

Which of these best describes an Anti-Phishing Measure?

  1. Insert a Javascript in the website that records the number users visiting the website per day.
  2. Insert a Javascript the website for customizing the website based on user's browser type or version.
  3. Insert a Javascript in the website which sends an alert whenever website is run under any URL other than the authentic.
  4. Insert a Javascript in the website to protect email addresses from being harvested by spambots.

The correct answer is option 3

In the world of internet we need a way to identify the authenticity of a website and protect the website from being copied or "Phished".

A Javascript embedded into the website acts as a digital watermark and continuously monitors the domain or URL under which the website is hosted on. When a Phisher copies the website, he also copies the "Javascript watermark" too. Once the "Javascript watermark" detects that the website hosted on a untrusted domain or URL, it sends an alert to the original website thus notifiying the original website about a duplicate or "Phishing" website.

Options 1 and 2 are solutions to monitor website usage and enhance user experience of the website.

Option 4 is used to protect publicly displayed email-ids from being flooded by spam emails.

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