7 Tips To Protect Your Devices From Viruses

Ashis Sahoo
By Ashis Sahoo

April 20, 2015


7 tips to protect from virus

7 Tips To Protect Your Devices From Viruses

Tip #1 A virus usually has a signature, so using a trusted antivirus will help detect and stop it from infecting your systems.

Note: Sometimes viruses have several variants that cannot be detected by an antivirus. This is because of unavailability of a signature or heuristic pattern for a new variant, which is usually addressed in some time.

A virus usually spreads via a:

  1. a) USB
  2. b) Drive by downloads
  3. c) Email
  4. d) Rerouting a Web

So, be watchful during these activities.

Tip #2: Disable Autorun on your system and ensure you scan your USB before use.  Some antiviruses have options to automate the process.

Tip #3: Use a secure browser and an updated browser.  Browser exploits are very common and an updated browser reduces the threat surface by a lot. As an additional security measure, using a No Script Plugin can disable scripts from all websites and you can white list trusted websites to run script.

Tip #4: Do not open email/links that seem suspicious or are not intended for you.

Tip #5: Most antiviruses have browser protection.  Just ensure that the feature is enabled.

Tip #6: Use a host firewall and ensure inbound connections are in block mode unless absolutely required.

Tip #7:  This is a PRO-TIP ensure all unnecessary services are turned off if not required.   Configuring your system to match the CIS Hardening Checklist for Windows is a good approach.


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Ashis Sahoo