Traditional SIEM-based security monitoring cannot protect you from complex, targeted, or unknown attacks. It cannot analyze the high volume of varied data these attacks produce. And it cannot respond to breaches fast enough to prevent damage. How can you evolve your defenses to defend against next-generation cyberattacks?

Next-generation security services provide a few key benefits over traditional SIEM-based security monitoring. They provide proactive protection at every stage of a threat’s lifecycle, in near real-time, by combining AI-driven automated processes with the world’s leading cyber security experts. The result: you receive fast, comprehensive, low-noise but high-touch service.

This whitepaper discusses the core benefits provided by next-generation AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) security services, and provides a detailed exploration of the critical stages within an attack’s lifecycle—and how AI-driven MDR addresses the threat at each stage. 

You will learn how AI-driven MDR:

  • Protects you against emerging threats.
  • Proactively hunts for existing, undiscovered threats within your network
  • Extends security monitoring beyond basic compliance-mandated monitoring
  • Fully investigates your threats to define immediate mitigation steps
  • Automatically executes playbooks to contain threats
  • Orchestrates a rapid, coordinated, effective response

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Client Testimonials

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    Paladion's AI-Driven MDR has drastically enhanced our threat visibility. Our customers data is important to us as an organization, and they feel more secure knowing that we are proactive when it comes to incident and threat analysis. It has been a crucial partnership for Stratus Video.

    Chris Downing, Vice President

    Engineering at Stratus Video

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    Paladion was able to swiftly deploy their technology and services across our vast network. We see a significant improvement in our threat detection maturity with their MDR threat hunting, and our in-house IT teams no longer need to spend their efforts analyzing and remediating complex cyber threats. Paladion has provided us the much-needed security assurance with their MDR service.

    Mukund Dadarkar, Head IT and CISO

    Quality Kiosk

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    Paladion’s AI-driven MDR service has powerfully augmented our existing security posture. They tailored their security services to meet our specific needs and deployed their services quickly and simply. They both increased the speed of our detection and response, and done so with a very high-touch, people-first approach that our internal security team loves.

    Chief Information Officer.

    Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    Recently, we’ve suffered more cyber attacks. Even worse, these attacks are more complex and harder to detect. We finally realized we could no longer effectively manage our security on our own. That’s when we turned to Paladion. They supported us with proven, effective security experts (who we couldn’t find on our own), and a powerful AI-driven platform that keeps up with the flood of potential threats we deal with daily. We couldn’t have done this on our own.

    Chief Information Security Officer

    Leading Healthcare Organization

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    We operate in a highly regulated industry, that’s very complex and a huge target for cyber criminals. Paladion has identified holes in our existing security structures, solved our most complex security issues, and done so with extreme sensitivity to helping us maintain compliance. They provide full reporting in the event of anything resembling a security event, and keep us operational, and in good stead with our regulators, no matter what happens.

    Head of Global Technology

    Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    We had a good handle on all of the normal, known attacks coming our way. But Paladion detected threats that no one had discovered yet… including a few threats that had been lurking inside our system for almost a year that our traditional security measures hadn’t detected. Since partnering with Paladion, we no longer worry about all those “unknowns” threats we didn’t we were ignoring.

    Senior IT Director

    National Retail Chain

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    Paladion’s AI-driven MDR service gives us world-class security at a fraction of the price we’d pay if we tried to build out equal cyber defenses on our own. They’ve become a true partner with our in-house team—not just another vendor—and they guide us through both the strategic and tactical ins-and-outs of maintaining truly world-class security services.

    VP of Information Security

    Global Professional Services Firm

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