AI-Driven Managed Security

Combat Advanced Cyber Threats While Keeping IT Security Costs Manageable

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Paladion’s Managed Security services provide you with the skilled staff, leading AI-Driven defenses, and the sophisticated technology platforms, you need to monitor and defend your networks 24x7x365. As a leading AI-Driven Managed Security provider, we protect over 700 clients worldwide using our advanced security analytics and orchestration platform – AIsaac.

What Paladion’s Managed Security Services Offer You

Paladion’s Managed Security services bring 24x7x365 monitoring, investigation, and response to your organization’s defense. Our services provide you with:

Next-Generation Threat Detection

Traditional rules-based security measures can no longer detect today’s advanced threats. Our service can.

Comprehensive Security Coverage

No matter how complex your network may be, we can design and deploy a security posture to monitor and protect it.

Accelerated Remediation

Our clients often reduce their time to detection and remediation by over 85%.

Compliance Maintenance

We will tailor our services to help you achieve—and maintain—compliance, no matter what attacks you suffer.

Cost-Effective Security Experts and Technology

The cybersecurity skills shortage will reach millions of unfilled positions in the coming years, and AI platforms are expensive to produce. We provide the expertise of 1,000+ security experts and our proprietary AI platform at a cost-effective price.

Only a true Left of Hack Right of HackSM Managed Security service provider like Paladion can provide you these benefits.

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Real Defense, Real Results

By delivering where traditional security approaches do not, Paladion’s Managed Security service can dramatically improve your security performance from day one of deployment. Consider a few of the results our Managed Security service drove for a few recent clients:

A Global Packaging Company:

• Immediately uncovered unknown threats lurking in their network.

• Reduced false positives by 80%

• Reduced incident investigation effort by 50%

• Reduced their Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) from 168 hours, to 24 hours.

• Now responds to threats 85% faster.

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A U.S. Based High-Tech Manufacturing Company:

• Reduced MTTD from 91 days to 3 days

• Improved remediation time from 12 days to 24 hours

• Now prevents new malicious attacks via threat anticipation

• Monitors, hunts, and responds to threats across all networks, users, and endpoints

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A Leading Oil & Gas Company:

• Reduced their threat remediation time 86%— from 15 days to 2

• Reduced their attacker and malware dwell time 97%—from 60 days to 2 days

• No longer worries about security and focuses on their complex business challenges

• Reduce number of false positives by 70%

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We Leave No Blind Spots and Take No Half Measures
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