Executive Summary

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts over 1 million active enterprise customers, located in over 190 countries. AWS is the engine that make many next-generation companies run, and Amazon nets a huge $18 billion per year from these customers. Unfortunately, many of AWS’ marquee customers have already suffered headline-creating breaches, including Accenture, Uber, and Time Warner Cable.

Amazon takes substantial action to protect their AWS users. They operate their own highly secure on-premise data centers, are able to encrypt data both in-transit and at-rest, and they take full responsibility for maintaining security within their own software and global infrastructure. Yet despite this significant commitment to AWS security, Amazon still relies on users like you to take key actions to secure your own data on their platform.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The truth about how security operates within AWS, and the many security responsibilities you may not be aware Amazon entrusts you with.
  • Five strategies Amazon wants you to deploy to take full advantage of their own built-in security protocols
  • The reason why Amazon’s own security, and your own security actions, may not be enough on their own to protect your AWS deployment
  • How you can select an effective third party security provider to protect your Azure deployment

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