AI Driven MDR for High Speed Cyber Defense

Join us as we change the game for managed security – from a slow, reactive, and faceless service to a HIGH SPEED, HIGH TOUCH cyber defense partner.

Attacks are swift. You need speed to anticipate, detect, and respond to current threats. We leverage AI in our Managed Detection and Response service to provide high speed cyber defense.

Reporting is easy; execution is complex. Managed security providers stop with sending alerts and reports. We augment our AI platform with one of the largest pool of cyber experts to deliver 24×7 high touch service, executing a wide spectrum of security tasks for you.

Choose a service that keeps your business ahead in a fast-paced digital world.

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AI That is Built on Solid Ground

Leveraging 17 years of delivering cyber defense to 700+ clients with 1000+ cyber specialists monitoring billions of events, and applying AI Techniques from Supervised, Unsupervised, Deep Learning and NLP for Delivering High Speed Across:


Threat Anticipation

The patent pending platform mines over 100 TB of global threat data every day to correlate the impact (in seconds) across millions of client assets daily.


Threat Hunting

25+ AI models and 450+ use case scenarios to hunt across your endpoint, user, network and application data. Analyze 100 TB of data in seconds to detect any threats.


Incident Response

Automated containment including 50+ playbooks for swift remediation of threats. Reduce attacker dwell time from months (typical) to under 3 days.

The MDR offering is a competitive differentiator for Paladion.


Paladion’s solution makes heavy use of statistical and machine learning models across the data sets.


What You Get with Paladion’s MDR


No Half Measures in Defending your Cyber

The limited scope of traditional MSSP offerings leaves blind spots in your enterprise defense. There are no half measures in our MDR offering. We provide all six components of threat management – intelligence, analytics, SIEM, forensics, incident remediation, and breach management. Read More


Speed up Your Threat Detection and Response

Our patent pending AI platform and threat hunters continuously scour your entire IT stack for threats. We combine Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), User Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Network Threat Analytics (NTA and NFT) and Application Threat Analytics (ATA) on a single platform. Analytics done in silos isn’t capable of uncovering blended threats – only a unified application of AI on all data protects you from modern threats. Read More

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Augment AI with Cyber Experts

Technology alone, even AI based, is never enough in cybersecurity. You need human experts to constantly finetune AI models, investigate results, decide remedial actions and collaborate with your team for execution. We therefore augment our AI platform with a large pool of 700+ threat intel analysts, hunters, SOC analysts, investigators and responders to deliver high speed yet high touch service.

Transform Your Cyber Defense with AI-Driven MDR

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