Advanced Malware Detection Service

"Ensure timely detection of malware infections and malicious changes to your website through Verity."

  • Protect organization image and reputation
  • Provide safe browsing experience to customers
  • Avoid potential legal liability
Verity is an advanced website malware detection and integrity monitoring solution that continuously monitors your website for malware, website blacklisting and unauthorized changes. It alerts website owners with appropriate ways to mitigate the risk

Get started with the comprehensive website monitoring and malware detection service that detects known and unknown malware. Stay protected! It's simple with Verity.

About Verity

Verity is a comprehensive website malware detection tool

  • On Demand Service, automatically conducts frequent check of your website(s) for any Malware compromise.
  • Includes detection of obfuscated malicious javascript code, flash files and even external files linked to website.
  • Also detects non-malicious changes that could result in possible website defacement.
  • Shows the status of your website(s) and alerts through an easy to use Verity web portal.

How Verity Works

  • Register your website with Verity portal
  • Verity will scan your website periodically
  • Any malware related activity or change will be alerted to you

Why Website Monitoring & Malware Detection?

  • Websites may be compromised to inject malware, malicious code and malicious links.
  • Undetected malware and malicious code could behave as agent and engage in unlawful activities that may result in undesirable user experience and loss of confidential information.
  • Malware infected and malware distributing websites will be blacklisted by globally maintained blacklisted website databases.
  • Access to blacklisted websites will be blocked by internet browsers and customers may lose confidence and avoid the website.
Every minute you leave your website unsecured makes it an easy prey to risks and infection.
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Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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Executive Officer/CIO
Office of the Pardon Attorney
Department of Justice, USA

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