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Penetration Testing

Paladion Penetration Testing service proactively attempts to break into your system to assess your level of security preparedness. This helps you get a hacker's eye view of the system, and it enables you to identify security holes that could be exploited by a remote attacker to compromise your system. At Paladion, we employ penetration testing tools and techniques that are constantly updated to include all known threats and risks. This means that after your system is tested & certified, it can be used with the absolute assurance that it is secure.

There are three components to this service:

  • Light perimeter test - testing the strength of the perimeter from a remote location.
  • Full perimeter test - verifying the security of the perimeter, the servers in the DMZ, with remote exploitation of the DMZ, and accessible internal systems.
  • Internal test - the 'trusted-insider' test, launched from inside the client's network, with internal exploitation.
Who needs it?

Penetration tests are standard requirements for any e-business client, especially banks and financial institutions, to comply with information security regulations, in order to conduct business online. Organizations manage to deliver the confidentiality and integrity that their business demands by making use of the efficiencies of the Internet. Some of the penetration tests we have conducted include:

  • An Internet banking site for the Asia operations of an American bank.
  • A 'certificate authority infrastructure' for a Middle East-based payment gateway.
  • A depository services company in Asia.
  • An Internet trading site for a leading Asian enterprise.
  • A network infrastructure for a top British financial group.group.
What do you get?

Paladion will provide a detailed report after completion of the pentest. The report will highlight the weaknesses in the system that affect the availability, reliability and integrity of information assets. It will also provide the solutions for covering each identified risk. This report will contain the following:

  • Categorization of weaknesses based on risk level
  • Details of security holes discovered
  • Emergency quick-fix solution for discovered vulnerabilities
  • What do we promise?

    Paladion employs a wide variety of tools and techniques to carry out penetration testing. Each and every test is carried out by skilled security testers and the results are manually verified before communicating to you. The end result is you get comprehensive and accurate understanding of your security posture and can immediately take mitigating steps for closing any identified weakness.

    Case Study

    Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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