Security Monitoring

Enterprises face the threat of intrusion from multiple sources on a regular basis. Monitoring threats in an adhoc manner places an organization at considerable risk. Intrusion attempts can be captured through consolidated analysis of logs from Operating Systems, Databases, network and security devices. Analyzing logs in real time will enable organizations to detect and prevent security incidents arising from threats. Paladion has a fully established Security Operations Center (SOC) for continuous management of internal & external threats. Our security event monitoring service offers real time detection & response to intrusion attempts on a 24X7X365 basis. The primary goal of our security monitoring and attack detection services is to help identify suspicious events on a network that may indicate malicious activity or procedural errors.

  • 24X7X365 service
  • Real time detection, alert & response
  • Attack correlation for logs from multiple sources
  • Multiple alert mechanisms
  • Multi vendor and platform support
  • Support for large number of devices, more than 140+
  • Smart bandwidth utilization
  • Intelligent event capture
  • Incident Management
  • Historic Forensic Analysis Capabilities
  • Risk based prioritization
  • Security Dashboard for online reports
  • 250+ predefined report templates
  • Rich visualization
How do we do it?

Paladion's network security monitoring combines a team of disciplined security experts, a rigorous process for incident detection and response, and best-of-breed technologies to provide information-driven organizations immediate feedback regarding the threats to a network's security -- in real time, as it changes in the face of new attacks, new threats, software updates, and reconfigurations. Our security monitoring architecture is designed to collect, normalize, aggregate and filter millions of events from thousands of assets across customer networks into a manageable stream prioritized according to risk. These prioritized events can then be correlated, investigated, analyzed, and remediated using tools at our SOC. We have a multi-tier architecture with agents loaded on centralized log servers in customer premise reporting to our central Security Information Management (SIM) server at SOC. Customer logs are segregated in to individual streams and strict access controls are managed between customer event data.

Incident Response Management

In the wake of industries adopting increase IT enabled and web-based solutions to enhance productivity and business processes, information security is turning out to be a major business concern for all enterprises. With boom in e-commerce and online transactions, organizations today are experiencing targeted attacks with the goal of financial gain.

Today financial fraud has overtaken virus attacks or data thefts leading to bigger financial losses. And in most cases the victims remains unaware of an attack making them more vulnerable.

Incident Response and Forensics

A secured process for collection and handling of electronic data is crucial for every organization. In case any security breach occurs surrounding this information, an immediate and comprehensive response is needed to diagnose, fix and secure the threat.

However, with security incidents and financial losses on the rise, most organizations don’t have a plan in place to diagnose and deal with a breach. While it’s unrealistic to have all the security controls to prevent every possible incident, an Incident Response (IR) Program allows enterprises to respond quickly, and minimize damage and downtime in case attacks and exploits occur.

Our Solutions Combines Best-of-Breed Offerings
  • Paladion Incident Response Management services offer a comprehensive and proactive approach covering all possible threat accesses. The service allows users to protect, detect, respond, and remediate any security breach.
  • With its team of security experts and widespread experience identifying root causes of incidents Paladion detects, heals and communicates responses effectively to both management as well as the IT team.
  • Paladion offers immediate crisis response as the solution efficiently investigates, assesses, and contains any kind of security breaches.


Data Leakage Monitoring

With company's data being stored and transmitted in digital form, the possibility of its leakage to unauthorised people is very high. Today, Majority of information breaches are happening from inside a corporate. While we all focus so much on preventing external attacks, the real risk usually is of confidential data going out of the company. And these may not be sent out just by malicious insider, but can be vendors, partners, consultants, outsourcers who all have access to internal network today. Worse, even external attacker or virus & worms may be sitting inside the network and sending confidential data out.

Paladion provides technology and services to monitor leakage of confidential data out of company's network. We will assess your requirement and set up the policies and technology for data protection. Utilizing the technology, we provide services for continual monitoring of data violations and help in incident management and forensic analysis. Our detection services will cover keywords to regular expressions to confidential documents and images.

Our services utilizes our security operation center to provide real time and continual alerting on data loss. To enhance the privacy of customer data, we utilize masking techniques to prevent the content of data being seen by security operation center. The operators only view the severity level and classification of data violations and trigger alert along with response action for prevention. The onsite customer personnel then acts on these alerts in coordination with our forensic and incident management team at SOC.

Our data leakage monitoring services will help you-

  • Gain visibility into information going out of your company
  • Enhance policies on acceptable data usage
  • Raise awareness on confidential data protection
  • Prevent or deter people from sending confidential data
  • Protect brand value and reputation
  • Limit financial and competitive loss
How do we do it?

We will manage the security devices from our Security Operations Center (SOC). We will implement the tools required for management in a dedicated server (Paladion Security Server). Our SOC personnel will connect to Paladion Security Server and manage the security devices. All the consoles for security devices will be loaded in Paladion Security Server. Paladion Security Server will be used to store & manage configurations. Configuration data will be encrypted in a secure repository. Monitoring of security devices for availability will be through monitoring tool in Paladion Security Server.

Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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