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Enterprise Security Audit

Paladion provides set of pro-active compliance and assurance services that help assess the security of the IT systems, structure and processes of your organization. These include assessment of security architecture, governance & strategy, policy & procedures and technical vulnerability status. Our audit services are designed to provide actionable inputs to take your security posture to higher maturity.

Our audit services utilize global best practices and security standards to measure the current state. This is followed by customized recommendations for short term and long term improvements. Our certified auditors and security consultants work in tandem to design solutions to increase security measures in cost effective and process efficient manner.

Paladion's Enterprise Audit program covers one or more of the following areas-

Security Governance & Strategy

We analyse your business and organizational set up to draw up the best governance practices for managing information security function. We work with your cross functional team to develop security blueprint for your organizations aligned to your business and IT initiatives. Strong governance and strategy forms the basis to drive benefits and optimize resources for information security.

Security architecture

Our audit services help you build a scalable security model for your network and architecture. We assess the current weaknesses and create secure network architecture that optimizes performance while maintaining high security and availability. With our expertise across security technology, we design using best in class products to provide you with defence in depth.

Policies & Processes

We bring a unique risk-based approach to assess the current adequacy of security policies and determine the level of implementation. Our audit results will provide you the level of adherence as well weaknesses in policy areas. We also provide support in formulation of security policies that comprehensively protects your information assets. While benchmarking the policies with several global standards, we ensure that they are specific to your requirements and mitigate your unique risks.


We provide enterprise as well as application specific audit services for determining robustness and readiness of business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We focus on critical processes in recovery and resumption to ensure that the plan is detailed and caters to every contingency. Our audit service includes review of current capabilities, correctness of Business Impact Analysis, adequacy of Recovery Strategies, Continuity Plans and checking of Continuity Plan maintenance/testing.

Security metrics

Our unique service helps you in developing a strong measurement system for information security comprising multi-level metrics. It measures your progress in managing various security risks over period of time ensure you constantly mature as an organization. The system also helps in prioritizing investment, tracking benefits of investment and feedback for timely corrections.

Privacy solutions

Priivacy legislations and related controls are advancing rapidly around the world in response to consumer pressures. Understanding and complying to these requirements is critical to avoiding legal liability and building customer confidence. With vast experience in implementing data security measures and access controls, our team will help you determine your current status on privacy protection and provide inputs to achieve compliance with applicable legislations.

Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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Executive Officer/CIO
Office of the Pardon Attorney
Department of Justice, USA

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