• Banking & Finance

    Technology has fuelled remarkable productivity growth at financial institutions that are flooded with challenges. The FIs world over are striving to tackle rapid changes in technology and business landscape. The need is to continuously innovate business models, and enhance customer services while leveraging technology. FIs must depend on the efficacy of various entities such as Internet service providers, telecommunication companies and technology service providers to ensure that their IT infrastructure is running smoothly, often putting IT security at risk..

  • Telecom & Communications

    The Telecom industry is currently characterized by significant challenges such as changing customer needs, industry restructuring and consolidation, fierce competition, transformational innovation, and convergence. Availability of increased bandwidth is changing the way in which telecom operators conduct business, as revenue streams for information and data transfer gain greater importance.

  • IT & BPO

    Information Security and Data Privacy concerns are paramount as organizations outsource their IT Services and business processes, especially to offshore service providers. As sensitive information such as financial, insurance, medical and personal is accessed by offshore outsourcing service providers, there is a growing concern about the manner in which it is being collected, stored and utilized.

  • Oil, Energy & Manufacturing

    Oil, Gas, Energy and other process industries in the Manufacturing industry significantly leverage information technology to integrate business processes within the enterprise and beyond to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.


Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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“I was very pleased with the overall effort of the Paladion Networks team. They provided qualified..”
Bill Dziwura,
Executive Officer/CIO
Office of the Pardon Attorney
Department of Justice, USA

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