Application Security

When it comes to security threats, application layers are the most sensitive and the most likely to be affected areas.

Paladion is on the forefront of application security testing methodologies. Paladion's Application Security Certification program builds a trust in customers which ensures them that their applications are truly secure. Paladion provides three different levels of testing- greybox testing, security code review and application penetration testing.

Greybox testing works around the concept that if one knows something about how the product works from the inside, one can test it better, even from the outside. The security code review test gives you the exact knowledge of the security strength of your application and code sets. This test is also followed by a clear and concise report for mitigation, which enables you to know your security related priorities. With regard to application penetration testing, the application proactively attempts to break into your network to assess your level of security preparedness. It gives you a hacker's eye view of the system, and helps you identify security holes that a remote attacker can exploit to compromise your network.

How we do it?

We test your software exhaustively for holes that drain your valued data. We then recommend a solution to be executed. Thereafter the software is re-tested. If it passes, the Paladion Application Security Certificate is yours. To ensure that your application is well protected and secured, Paladion issues a certification document which defines the criteria that is used to evaluate an application for the Certificate. An application must demonstrate, through remote testing, that these security criteria are met before it is awarded the Certificate.

What do you get?

You would be able to-

The report :

  • Use your application with the confidence that it is secure.
  • Eliminate threats by raising the threshold for potential intrusions, theft and fraud
  • Give stakeholders in your application tools that meet the highest security standards.
  • Reduce your customers' security concerns.
  • Satisfy management and external auditors that you have taken the initiatives necessary to safeguard internal security (SAS70, ISO 27000, HIPAA, GLBA and other regulations).
What do we promise?
  • You receive on-demand service with the flexibility to schedule your tests.
  • You pay only for penetration testing when you need it without spending extra on tools or infrastructure.
  • You receive a testing service that digs deep to uncover all potential risks.
  • You receive written proof that your application meets all your security requirements.
  • You receive support through your mitigation lifecycle.

Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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“I was very pleased with the overall effort of the Paladion Networks team. They provided qualified..”
Bill Dziwura,
Executive Officer/CIO
Office of the Pardon Attorney
Department of Justice, USA

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