Remote Security Configuration Audit with Zero False Positives.

"An accurate configuration and policy audit tool that helps you conduct fast, easy, and automated host security audits."

  • Remotely assess your servers and devices for secure configuration.
  • Comply with several standards including CIS, NIST, SANS and internal policies.
  • Generate easy-to-act reports with detailed mitigation plans.
  • Improved productivity with reduced time & effort
  • Prexio is an automated tool to conduct comprehensive configuration and policy audits on your servers and network devices. It is a packaged product that ensures compliance with internal standard hardening and configuration policies.

Servers and network devices are valuable assets to your company. Are you well equipped with security solutions to assess technical vulnerabilities and their risks to your servers and devices?

About Prexio

Prexio is an automated configuration audit tool that ensures comprehensive security for your IT infrastructure

  • Fast and easy configuration and policy audits.
  • 100% accurate scanning.
  • Agent-less, On-Demand solution.
  • Helps comply to CIS, NIST, SANS and other guidelines.
  • Supports wide range of operating system, applications and devices

Why automated configuration audits for security?

The common most approach for assessing security of network is through internal and external scans carried out by vulnerability scanners. Sometimes, this automated vulnerability scanning is complemented with manual penetration testing for higher security

Do internal and external vulnerability scanning provide the best solution for your security testing?

Vulnerability scanning has several limitations that reduces its effectiveness to an enterprise -

  • These produce lots of false positives that require considerable manual checks to determine the actual vulnerabilities in a network.
  • The scanning takes a long time for covering all assets in a network and also consumes the bandwidth available in the network.
  • Scanning technologies can provide information on missing patches and a limited set of insecure configurations. They cannot check for all the configuration parameters that can lead to compromise of system or that are mandated by global guidelines for security including CIS, NIST and SANS.
  • As scanning takes longer time, many enterprises minimize the ports and the vulnerabilities scanned and end up discovering only a subset of the real vulnerabilities.

Automated host based configuration audit is must for keeping all your servers and devices secure against internal and external compromises.

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Case Study

Project - Holistic & Continual Security Management. The client is a fast-growing private sector retail bank. Ensuring security of banking transactions and customer privacy has been a norm for the bank since its inception.

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